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What services do we offer and what can we help you with?

“Let's talk about how we can help you. Let's arrange a telephone or video consultation - no strings attached. We can help with new or existing products and we are happy to talk to the responsible person of companies of all sizes.”

Creation / Modification of The Infrastructure

  • Most used cloud platforms (AWS/Azure/Google cloud)
  • Case study
  • Architecture
  • Cost optimization
  • Services setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Migration (from local data centers or from another cloud platform)
  • Infrastructure automation (CI/CD, infrastructure as a code, etc.)


  • Setting up infrastructure maintenance and management processes
  • Finding the right tools for automation

Information Systems

  • Case study
  • Architecture
  • Help with choosing a suitable solution
  • Integration

Digitization / Digital Transformation

  • We will help you modernize your business
  • We will propose a suitable solution (technical and non-technical)

Databases and Data Stores

  • Case study
  • Performance tuning
  • Migration
  • Backup
  • Development

Data Warehouse / Data Lake

  • Case study
  • Architecture
  • Performance tuning
  • Migration
  • Backup
  • Development

Data Management and Governance

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Proposals to eliminate deficiencies
  • Use of “best-practices” frameworks (e.g. DAMA-DMBOK)

Creative Services

  • Copywriting
  • Webpage and web application development
  • Creation of graphics and visual identity
  • Setting up and managing social media


  • Automatically generated text
  • AI (e.g. content creation, etc.)
  • Chat bot
  • Text generators



We are specialists in our field

We are a consortium of senior professionals and we can use our knowledge to suit your company or project.

We offer flexible cooperation

In all the mentioned areas, we offer you both active cooperation on projects or complete outsourcing.

We have many years of experience

We have over fifteen years of international experience. We believe in what we do and we will be happy to convince you of it.